Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024


Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024

The Bountiful Leap. Minimalize.

The Bountiful Leap. Minimalize.

It may seem that if you minimalize you will have less in your life, but when you minimalize you have more. More time, more space, more freedom, more intention and more of You.

Have you ever examined your relationship to the objects in your life?

You know, the stuff and things you own, the objects in your life, like your car and your clothes and your do-dads and your watcha-ma-call-its?

Do you ever feel used by your stuff?

Do you ever feel like you are a slave to your things, that you have to keep working to pay for your the objects in your life?

Isn’t the purpose of objects to be useful?

What is the purpose of the stuff and the things in your life?

I appreciate the minimalism movement. It is all about re-examining our relationship to the objects in our life. Questioning, re-evaluating, re-defining, re-purposing and intentionally choosing.

The message and goal in minimalism is simple:

Posses objects that you love or use.

Get rid of the rest.


The “how to” minimalize is the challenge.

Changing a relationship with your objects can be overwhelming and confusing.

It requires a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and acting.

It requires you to become a different version of your self.

A version of you who chooses what to buy, you who releases what you are not using, you who has a whole new way of thinking and being around objects.

A you who literally thinks different thoughts than the version of you who accumulates.

Interested in becoming a minimalistic version of your self?

Want to know your real wants?

More on becoming the minimal you… less is more!

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