The Gut ReSet Challenge Details

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In todays post, I am disclosing the Gut ReSet Challenge Details and encouraging you to give yourself the gift of a gut reset (by doing the challenge).

So…you’re ready for a challenge and you want to learn more, great!

I’m going to first offer you the details of the food and the drinks; like what are the actual like details of what we’re putting in our mouth and not putting in our mouth. Second, I’m going to offer you the technical details, what kind of information you’re getting, and what types of access you will get when you sign up.

I’ll start with the food details because I know this is probably what most of you are worrying about. What I encourage you to focus your thoughts on is how good you’re going to feel after these 14 days.

You can see in my last video (Ill put a link in the bottom) that in my story, day 10, I woke up and thought to myself, “what just happened? How do I feel so amazing? And how can I get more of this?”

That is the gift of the goal: that you’re going to have this breakthrough feeling and realization of how different you can feel depending on what you’re putting in your mouth.

I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly ‘how simple could I possibly make it for you, my challengers.’

Because, I know that for many of you, your brains are wanting to feel confused and overwhelmed about a food change.

“What am I going to eat?” is the normal response.

So, know that is a solid and easy option to simply eat only fruits and vegetables. It’s an amazing time of year to do so.

If you want a little bit more options and you’re feeling ready to take on some more complexity; I’m going to break down the differences of the gut friendly foods which are low to no processed and are to be eaten vs what is not to be eaten.

Low processed food is something that comes in a package in the store that only has one ingredient like olive oil, salt, or rice. All of these are totally cool for you to consume on this challenge.

The challenge is to avoid the medium to high processed foods. Anything that comes in a package and has multiple ingredients.

This is the simplest way to break it with having the biggest gut reset for you.

The whole goal is to eat simple foods.

The simpler the foods then the easier for our bodies to digest meaning: simple food is gut friendly food.

Challenge Goal, ZO


All you fellow caffeine lovers I’m not going to touch your caffeine and I actually encourage you not to make caffeine changes while you’re making food changes; but I do want you to look at what you’re putting in your caffeine.

If you’re having alternative milks that have multiple ingredients then I encourage you to go bulletproof style and have some oil like coconut oil, ghee, or grass fed butter in your caffeine.

I, personally, love oat milk in my coffee and so this is something that I will be skipping during this challenge.

  • Look at the labels of all of the beverages that you’re drinking.

  • Plain soda water is okay.

  • If you’re adding your own lemon to it, okay.

  • If it’s got other ingredients in it like flavorings or juices then it’s not okay.

Alcohol: I’ve had a couple of you guys ask about alcohol. It is highly processed It does have negative effects on our gut and so if you’re someone who’s drinking occasionally then I would really encourage you to not have a drink during this two weeks, so you feel what it feels like to not put the highly processed and concentrated sugar in your body.

Alcohol’s is a concentrated sugar, which is partly why it is so addictive as well as harmful.

That wraps up the food portion.

When you join, which there’s a button below to join, you will receive this info in an email. In fact, everyday of the challenge you will be getting a short, fun, and gut-friendly video. Challengers will also get access to the Gut ReSet FB group, access to FB Lives, and access to my gut friendly coaching brain.

I wanted to give you the information, here and now, so your brain can think, “yes, I’m in, I can totally do this.”


There is a reward for people who finish the challenge!

What does finishing the challenge mean?

That brings me to the technical details…

  1. First, is bring a buddy because oftentimes when we make food changes we kind of tend to isolate ourselves and we’ve all had enough isolation this last year.

  2. Bring someone who already you talk about food and health with or someone who you want to like a roommate or partner. The idea is to create a buddy system with and to use the challenge as a bonding experience.

  3. Watch the daily 5 min videos you get in your email from me.

  4. Upload a minimum of 14 pictures of your food because of the awareness piece. When you know that you are going to take a picture and show people what you’re eating, then it changes the way you eat it and it positively changes the way that you interact with your food.

  5. (I would love it if you post everything that you put in your mouth, that would be amazing but to get the challenge reward you need topost 14 pictures.) Either one a day or if you want to do two one day and one not one day that’s totally fine too.

  6. Last, and of course, eat only no to low processed foods, meaning do not put any medium to high processed foods in your mouth for 14 days.


You get a really cool session with me where you get my coaching gut-friendly brain on whatever you want to bring. Whether it’s the next step, whether it’s something you struggled with during the challenge or with food, or whether it’s some emotions you want help understanding.

Whatever it is that you would like some help with you get my coaching brain, which is an incredible experience. It’s like kind of like taking a really yummy bubble bath with flowers… It is an incredible feeling to have a coaches brain 100% on you and your brain. We get to look at like what’s going on in your internal world. It’s a really special experience

You also get gut health warrior status.

What is a gut health warrior?

A warrior is someone who is willing to go through the hard and the challenge to overcome norms and habits, to try something new and to grow a little bit. (Or a lot.)

My tattoos are actually connected to warrior. They are warrior symbols. For me i love the word warrior. I’m actually a little bit borrowing it from one of my clients.

To be a warrior is being willing and conscious to deliberately face challenge. I think it’s a really beautiful way to to embrace life and to embrace all of life, the hard parts especially. We all love the the easy and fun and good parts but to really learn how to love the hard parts that’s a really beautiful thing.

So when you finish the challenge, you have the status of becoming a gut health warrior. It will mean that you went through some hard things, you did something new, and you rocked it.

Thank you so much for your time and attention have a beautiful day.

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