The Most Efficient Workout I Have Found: Insanity

The Most Efficient Workout I have Found: Insanity
Hey there, my food and mood friends! Today, I want to dive deeper into the topic of working out and share with you the most efficient workout I’ve come across… Insanity.
Now, let’s talk about my personal fitness journey. Recently, winter of 2023, I took a break from working out and it was a revealing experience. I discovered just how bad I felt when I neglected exercise. It reminded me of a concept I teach in my coaching program – the food reset. Similar to trying different foods to see how they make us feel, I was curious to see how my body would react without regular exercise. And, wow, I felt OFF.
During this break, I experimented with various workout routines to find the one that resonated with me the most. I tried hit dance workouts, which were enjoyable and got me moving, but they didn’t provide the same lasting benefits.
Then, one of my clients raved about how amazing she felt after doing Bikram Yoga. This struck a chord with me because I have a personal history with Bikram Yoga. After practicing Bikram yoga daily throughout college, I went through training and taught Bikram Yoga for six months in Long Island NY. The heat, sweat, and overall experience made me feel incredible. I realized I wanted to feel that way again.
However, I faced a challenge. Considering my schedule, which I have intentionally prioritized with my daughter, partner, work, and health on the top- attending a 90-minute Bikram Yoga class was not time-feasible. So, I started exploring alternatives that would fit my lifestyle and deliver similar benefits. This reminded me of a time when my partner and I gained weight during our first ten weeks living on a cruise ship. I looked around at the other staff to see who seemed like they had working out figure out… it was the entertainment crew. I asked what they did to stay in shape and this is where I learned about “Insanity.”
Insanity is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program created by Shaun T. It caught our attention because it only required a 10×10 floor space, no machines, and no extensive travel time. The workouts were intense, but they energized us. It felt like the perfect solution for our living on a cruise ship lifestyle.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found myself contemplating how to reintegrate exercise into my routine. I decided to revisit Insanity, and the results were noticeable immediately. After just one session, I felt a revitalizing surge throughout my body – my lymph, muscles, and brain all woke up. It was an experience I hadn’t felt in months, maybe even close to a year. Insanity has a unique effect on me that I haven’t found in any other workout. It has a powerful combination of cardio and strength training, leaving me feeling strong, focused, and physically empowered…. in only thirty minutes and without any equipment.
During this journey, I had a beautiful realization. It was a moment where I re-understood what my clients go through in their own transformation with food. I had a moment where I thought to skip a workout, but then I thought to myself… “Why?… when I could feel so good as when I do workout?” 
Like I teach my clients… when we connect to our future self and consciously chose on behalf of how we want to feel, how we want to hook our future self up, and choose acts of love from this place… then we cultivate habits from chosen from love that accumulate to health!

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