The Point of Meditation

The Point of Meditation

The point of meditation

is not to gain, fix nor acquire.

The motivation to sit in meditation

is not to escape, hide nor avoid.

The purpose of transferring the mind’s focus to the breath

is not to control the mind.

The inspiration to practice meditating

is not to be a better human.

True mindful meditation is merely an opportunity and an open door to welcome us back to the ‘self’ inside that is simply cluttered with thoughts, belief systems, judgments, and opinions that do not serve us. A practice of looking at one’s self… be-ing with one’s self.

The reason to meditate

is to practice seeing our mind appear without identifying with it.

The motivation to sit in meditation

is to allow space for our internal consciousness to experience being.

The purpose of transferring the mind’s focus to breath

is to practice letting go of the identity we all form with ‘I’ and ‘Me’ in the sentences in our head which our brain’s produce.

The inspiration to practice meditation

is to compassionately connect with the self inside each of us who has the capacity to experience every emotion without avoiding, resisting, blaming, self-loathing, and escaping.

What is the Point of Meditation?

The point is to experience it all, unscathed: to watch all the thoughts the mind produces, to observe and allow all the feelings which arise from the thoughts, and to chose to hold a space of unconditional love for the human condition, self and other, the hardships and the beauties.

The point is to see the perfection of the imperfection and to marvel at the miracle of our human expereince.

And then the point is to let go of all the thoughts that take us out of the present moment, leaving us in the deliciousness of Now where the orgasmic feeling of breath entering the body is experienced and where the electric buzz fills the body because of the mind’s scanning focus.

After Meditation, after gaining awareness, then the point is to choose thoughts.

To see the reason that we all suffer is not because of anything in our life causes us to suffer; the root of all suffering is because of the thoughts we think.

To un-train and then re-train the mind from its unintentional thinking to intentional thinking.

The point of mediation is to gain awareness and master one’s inner world. (NOT to attempt control of one’s outer world.)

After meditation… after you have the awareness of your thoughts and that you are not your thoughts…

Then you have access to use the ability of the human brain to choose thoughts that serve.

To choose a life rich with the full human experience of humanness, the fifty percent ‘good’ and the fifty percent ‘bad’.


Meditation is an invaluable tool, which helped me along my path.

The point of meditation is similar to the point of coaching, to enhance awareness of one’s mind and what our minds are capable of creating.

Coaching is next-level, it is putting awareness to use.

Once you become aware of your mind, then you can begin to use it.


”Use your mind, do not let it use you.”

What my Zen teacher said to years ago in a 7 day silent sitting.



(**This article was originally created and posted early 2020 and is being re-posted with some small updates beginning 2023)

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