The Problem Of Over-Desire

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What if the way to gut health, meant that you had to decrease your over-desire for the things that you think you love most? I’m talking about the foods, the joy eats, the little pleasures that you believe to be the highlight off your day… Most people do not want to give their over-desires up. This is why I think it is so important to differentiate want, desire, and over-desire; because THEN the problem of Over-Desire is obvious.

The reason that we habitually put the things in our mouth that harm our gut is because of over-desire.

But desire is important; it is what motivates us through our day.

The ninja move of this concept is understanding the difference between want, desire, and over-desire. I share how I physically feel the differences in my body. I talk about the use of each and what they motivate me towards.

And I talk about the potential to develop the internal skills to be able to generate wants and desires.

If you have a limited amount of desire, is your over-desire of sugar or alcohol or flour where you want to feel your desire?

Is there somewhere bigger and more satisfying that you might get more pleasure from?

I do… I have transformed the energy I used to feel in over-desires into my life’s contribution of my inner compass which is now powered by my wants.

If you want to learn some ninja moves… and switch up your over-desires… perhaps it is time for a coach…. Do you need a coach?

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