Thoughts On Change

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It is really easy for life to get heavy and hard. Pack on the pounds, stuff down emotions, absorb hours of screen time, pretend everything is ok until suddenly it feels like you are drowning. I know because I have been here. My thoughts on change are built on experience and endless observations.

How I See Change

It is easy to keep doing the same thing, until it is not.

What does it take to stand up and make a change, do something differently, create a new habit, build a new pattern?

For most, it takes being more uncomfortable remaining unchanged than to wade though the discomfort of change.

We are wired to choose comfort.

When I was in my teens, I dreamt of a life where I loved my body, found a man to make a family with, and was excited to wake up every morning.

For the next couple decades, I experimented perpetually; driven by curiosity to experience the many ways my life could be changed.

Getting here was no wave of the magical wand. It was a daily drop of change that added up to a new way of living and literally the new version of me that I have become.

All the work, all the attention, all the discomfort, all the growth, and all the change was completely and totally worth it!

Why Do People Choose To Not Change.

The reason most people do not change is because it is easier to not change. It is easier to stay on the couch where it is comfortable and cozy. It is easier to do what has always been done because it is familiar and known. It is easier to take the easy route.

But it is not nearly as rewarding.

Sure there is a short term comfortable reward.

But the long term reward is nil compared to that of pushing edges, withstanding discomfort and overcoming challenges.

The magic of my life happens because of my willingness to change and because of my experiences smothered in challenge.

My thoughts on change are really quite simple; it is the backbone to my experience of feeling alive, it is imperative to my ever-expanding reality of my life.

I love change; I see change as the opportunity to grow, the exciting edges of the unknown and the chances to become more me.

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