Tongue Scraper: Detox

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A tongue scraper is a tool used to assist our body’s detox system and make our mouth taste fresh.

Most of us think about how our teeth and chewing are the beginning of our digestive system, but many do not know that our mouth is not a one-way street.

Bacteria and toxins come up our digestive tract and into our mouths.

During the night when our body is working on repairing and maintaining, part of the job is pushing toxins up and out.

Like that fuzzy white stuff that shows up on our tongue.

Ever noticed that when you are sick or you eat a whole bunch of junk food a kinda white fuzzy film appears on your tongue? You can see it if you look in the mirror and you can likely taste it too.

Instead of drinking or eating the first thing to wash that white fuzzy filmy taste away, you can use a tongue scraper to assist your body in getting rid of toxins.

During a cleanse or illness the white fuzz can get heavy and thick.

After a cleanse or illness our tongues can be extra clean or pink as an after the result of the detox.

Tongue Scraper

When I studied Ayurveda I learned about tongue scrapers, tried them, and fell in love.

I love how clean my tongue feels, I love the fresh taste in my mouth, and I love helping my body out.

Part of Ayurveda’s health philosophy is that many diseases occur because of an accumulation of toxins, like a build-up.

I support my health by limiting toxins coming in and assisting the toxins coming out. Like using a sauna to sweat toxins out of my skin, or ensuring that I poop daily by eating a gut-friendly diet to keep my intestines clear, as well as using my tongue scraper morning and evening to wash the white fuzzies down the drain instead of into my gut.

Bonus Oral Gut Health

There is also another Ayurvedic practice called oil pulling that does something similar to tongue scraping. This practice of swishing oil in our mouths (and then spitting it out) allows the oil to absorb and remove toxins and oils.

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