The Secret to Your Dream is Uncomfortability

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When I searched for the definition of uncomfortability on the internet several sources defined it as: \’the ability to make another uneasy or upset\’.

From an empowered stance this definition is backwards.

The only thing that can make anyone emotionally uncomfortable or uneasy is one’s own thoughts.

Nothing that anyone else says or does makes you feel anything; it is your thought (about what someone says or does) that causes you to feel pain or joy or anything.

Fear Feels Uncomfortable for a Reason

Our brains do not like uncomfortability, therefor we think that we do not like feeling uncomfortable and we tend to avoid feeling it.

This is why most of us are thwarted in our attempts to pursue our big dreams and big goals. Our primal brains literally tell us to go back to safety, comfort, familiarity, and efficiency territory.

Our brains have evolved to use fear to keep us alive and safe. Our brains influence us to go towards comfort and all of the comfortable emotions. Our brains urge us to stay away from discomfort.

Therefor, to feel uncomfortability is a skill set you must teach yourself and practice intentionally.

Unfortunately, if you do not understand this about your brain, then you listen to your brain, and all its fear producing thoughts, in times when you are simply trying something new.

This is how most of us miss out on reaching our true potential, because we don’t know that feeling the discomfort of fear is okay and normal.

You can re-Program Your Brain

Our brains are trainable…

  • If you knew that feeling fear is normal would you move through it easier?

  • If you really believed that feeling fear does not mean that there is something wrong with you, would you set bigger and scarier goals?

  • If you understood that fear is just a warning from your brain, which is often not accurate, would you live your life differently?

I do!

In fact, the feeling of fear will not kill you.

The ability to feel the uncomfortability of fear while moving towards something new and unknown will unlock your world.


The ability to be uncomfortable, the skill of allowing uncomfortability, is the key to open your life.

What if I told you that it is perfectly normal that when you set big goals and impossible dreams that your brain will give you many thoughts that elicit discomfort in order to keep you safe, to drive you to safety?

Being scared of doing something new is totally normal. Discomfort of the unknown is actually quite easy to feel. Discomfort is simply a physical vibration caused by thoughts coming from your primal brain.

The questions then become:

  • How to continue towards your dreams and goals WHILE feeling discomfort.

  • How to intentionally think purposeful thoughts that move you beyond your primal brain\’s survival-based thoughts.

  • Even, how to reprogram your primal brain.

This is where the skill set of allowing uncomfortability comes into play.

Normalizing Fear will Empower You in Your Life.


Feeling uncomfortable is not comfortable, but the doors that open in your life when you learn how to sit with and truly feel discomfort will be beyond what you can imagine.

Your life will expand, your potential will become bigger, your human experience will widen.

How is your ability to be uncomfortable? Do you tolerate it with lots of willpower? Can you allow it?

One of my mentors, Brooke Castillo, says, “Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.”

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