Common Unconscious Belief Systems

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My brain and most of my client’s brain neural pathways are established in focusing on the negatives, the problems, and the worst-case scenarios. There is a pattern of common unconscious belief systems; kinda like a familiar way of thinking or seeing the world. The good news, it is totally possible and happening, to re-write belief systems.

It is common to have unconscious beliefs like: “There is something wrong with me,” “I am not good enough,” “I am unworthy of love.” The default programming of our brains are wired to see negatives and problems; it helped us survive.

But these perspectives and belief systems do not help us thrive.

And theses thoughts make us feel badly.

When I look for the root cause of a client’s chronic emotional pain I often find one of the common unconscious belief systems.

My Own Belief Systems Uncovered

I remember clearly the day and place that my internal monster was brought out into the light and shifted permanently. I was in the Amazon jungle of Brazil, deep in an Ayahuasca ceremony, and surrounded by intensity.

Ayahuasca is an incredible tool for rewriting belief systems, especially around connection; connection to others, self, humanity, earth, and life in general.

During the ceremony, in the wee hours of the morning, I felt myself diving deep into my inner self. I remember this sense of feeling scared to look inside. Part of me wanted to turn away, but another part of me wanted to know.

I discovered that I was afraid there was a monster inside of me.

At the crossroad, I choose to go deeper inside, accepting whatever I might find. When I expanded into all the worst-case scenarios and was ready to face my inner darkness, I discovered that there was no monster inside of me.

And the fear of this monster has never returned.

That same year, I announced into a dance workshop, to a room full of fellow dancers, “I am enough.”

I was on my journey to shift my own unconscious belief systems.

Shifting Belief Systems from Unconscious to Conscious

I see similar “fear of” in many of my clients.

At some point we address the dark sides, the not-enoughs, the not-worthy, the something-wrongs, and or the fear of the inner monster.

The ‘fear of’ is a limiting feeling because when we stay in fear we keep our life small.

Questioning Belief Systems:

What if…?

  • we are all 100% worthy, no matter what?

  • we all have something wrong with us, and that is ok?

  • enough were decided by us, and not some mysterious power outside?

  • we muster up the courage to face the monster inside of us, instead of spending so much energy in ‘fear of’.

This is the real work, the rewarding work, that makes life bigger.

  • It is not about convincing other people to think we are worthy, it is about creating our own belief of our own worthiness.

  • It is not about proving to someone else that we are enough, it is about re-training our own thought patterns to believe we are enough.

  • It is not about hiding that there are things wrong with us, it is about accepting that we all have things wrong with us, we are human; all humans are fifty percent good, fifty percent bad.

  • It is not about avoiding the monster inside of each of us, it is about generating courage to face our inner monster.

Why does this work matter?

When we think that we are unworthy, not enough, or that there is something wrong with us then we feel bad.

When we feel bad we do not take good care of ourselves.

We eat poorly, we overeat, or we eat junk food; we do not eat foods that fuel our bodies. We overwork. We lose sleep. We self-sabotage. We try to escape ourselves and in doing so we abandon our selves.

Leading to chronic negative emotions like stress, bad habits, and eventually digestive troubles.

Heal Your Gut

Healing our digestion is a full self-experience. Everything is connected. How we think, how we feel, what we do… it all matters and plays into our gut health.

When we believe in ourselves and when we feel good about ourselves, THEN we treat ourselves well and easily tend to our health.

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