Who Controls Your Thoughts?

Who Controls Your Thoughts?

Who controls your thoughts, controls your feelings, which drives your behavior. Learning how to look at your thoughts is necessary for your next evolution.

Perhaps their is a conspiracy behind the chain of events that has lead us to today’s pandemic and now political unrest. Perhaps it is simply a random chain of events.

Either way, we are in a mess.

Emotions are high.

Behaviors are heightened.

The most useful thing that I can do is ask:

What are you thinking?

Where did you get your thoughts from?

Are you gathering information from many places or just one side?

It matters, because these are all borrowed thoughts that will filter the way you see, think, feel, and ultimately behave.

The reason that you feel and act the way you do is because of your thoughts.

One of the biggest gifts you can give humanity is to take a look at your mind, question the fear-based thoughts that you brain is providing, decide to do the harder thing and show up as a bigger human.

And this process starts in your mind.

How to look at your mind and gain control of your thoughts?

Sit down for ten minutes, and write.

Without editing, without comment, just write every thought that is in your head. Write, write and write some more. Let it flow. If you think you are stuck, write that you are stuck. Keep writing, keep allowing your thoughts to come out of your brain and be seen.

This stream of consciousness is your thoughts, it is what is going on in your brain.

After ten minutes, sit back and take a look, these thoughts are a doorway into your internal world. These thoughts are determining your reality.

Looking at your unconscious default thoughts can be intense.

If you are curious… here is how I teach learning how to first become aware and then how to control your thoughts.

The first step is to see them… this is what is taught in meditation. Observe your thoughts, watch the sentances go by in your mind without identifying with them.

(Many of your thoughts are created by your primal brain. Your primal brain has helped you survive by seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and becoming efficient. The downside is that your primal brain only thinks of right now.)

The second step is to learn how to choose your thoughts, you will access a different part of your brain to do so. Every thought that you think is optional. You have the ability to choose your thoughts, even if you do not know how, know that you can.

(Your prefrontal brain is the part of your brain that is able to make short-term sacrifices for long-term future benefits.)

Where to Start.

Begin noticing what part of your brain is driving you. Learn how to look at your thoughts. This is the path to our next human evolution and to increasing awareness.

Primal Brain and Prefrontal Brain

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