Who Wants Inner Peace? | New Year, New You

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It is that time of year to pause and to talk about those life changes nagging at our souls. I want to know, who out there… who wants inner peace? Who wants to start a new year and work towards a new you?

Well, I am glad you are here, because this is what I love to help people go after. I love that moment where, I, or a fellow human stands up and says, “Me, I am ready. I am ready to put the effort in and look at myself, face my inner monsters and put myself through the ring of fire to change. I am ready to let go of self sabotaging habits. I am ready to own my truth and stand in my power. I am ready to do the hard thing now, risk failure, and learn how to show up more fully in my life for myself and those whom I love.”

This is the declaration of someone ready to change. This is the true New Years resolution that will be made.

The funny thing about inner peace is that the path is opposite of what most assume. Inner peace requires fully feeling and embracing all the chaos, all the hard emotions, and accepting life’s seeming tragedies.

Inner peace is not achieving a ‘perfect’ and getting to a moment where everything is going ‘right’.

Inner peace is emotional agility to the degree that sadness and anger are simply physical vibrations that can and do move through us without us reacting.

Who wants inner peace? If you are nodding your head, then I highly recommend reaching out to me. I can help you understand, make sense, manage, feel, and process all those feelings that feel wrong inside your body.

Imagine owning an internal management system where your default thought, when shit hits the fan, is “nothing has gone wrong”, or “it was always meant to be this way” or “there is a silver lining”.

The way to inner peace is through the fire.

It is a mindset.

I believe in you.

Are you coming?

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