Why and How I Have Gained Five Pounds?!

Why and How I Have Gained Five Pounds?!

In the last couple weeks I have totally gained five or so pounds and I want to share with you what my brain thinks about it and why (especially those of you wanting to figure out your weight).

Lets dive into: Why and How I have Gained five pounds and how I will go back to my ideal weight.

Ps… there is a great film called “That Sugar Film” that explains the effect on sugar and weight gain. Or even more accuralty, how our body cannot loose weight when we eat sugar and not only processed sugar but fructose as well.

Collect some evidence for your brain on what eating sugar means for your body and health.

Changing our mindset and understaning the impact of our food choices is foundational to: Fall in-Love with Heatlhy FEEL GOOD You!

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