Why Are We Rushing Around? And How Can We Stop?

Why are we rushing around and how can we stop?
In this blog post, I want to discuss a topic that has become normalized in our society: rushing around. As a coach, I have been working in depth with my clients to help them question this way of being to both enjoy life  and to manage stress. Why are we rushing around, and how do we stop?
The Normalization of Rushing:
Rushing has become common an even “cool.” We constantly feel the pressure to do it all, get things done perfectly, and burn the candle at both ends. This mindset is reinforced in various aspects of our culture, including the startup industry and big cities. The belief that stress and rushing are productive and even admirable has become ‘normal.’ So lets un-normalize it by looking at the costs…
The Toll of Rushing on Our Health:
Rushing and the associated pressure and stress have negative impacts on our health and well-being (physiological, mental, and emotional… even sexual). When we are in a constant state of stress, our bodies and minds suffer. Our sleep patterns are disrupted, our digestive and immune systems are compromised, and our overall health diminishes. Stress is highly inflammatory and can lead to various diseases. It exhausts us, leaving us depleted and susceptible to lower level decision-making (something my CEO and business owners deeply care about).
The Fallacy of Productivity through Rushing:
Even though our brains think rushing is useful… rushing does not make us more productive. When we are stressed or rushing, we rely on our primal brain, which focuses solely on the immediate moment. This impairs our ability to make rational decisions and leads to increased mistakes and inefficiency. True productivity comes from using our prefrontal cortex, where we engage in high-level decision-making and thoughtful planning.
Breaking Free from Rushing:
To overcome the habit of rushing, we must first become aware of its costs. Take a moment to reflect on the negative impacts rushing has on your physical and mental well-being. Notice how it feels in your body when you rush, and use this as a flag and signal to pause and manage your brain to harness your focus. Challenge the belief that stress is useful or necessary for getting things done.
Developing an intentional thought or mantra can help counteract the urge to rush. For example, remind yourself that “there is nothing worth stressing over” (a thought I use regularly) and that rushing only creates more ‘work’. Plan your time effectively and allow extra time for activities to eliminate the need for rushing, like planning and prioritizing. By consciously making these changes, you can interrupt the pattern of rushing and shift your energy towards a healthier, calmer, more productive state.
Embracing Mellow Time:
In addition to breaking free from rushing, it is essential to prioritize downtime. Introducing intentional periods of relaxation, such as a new family fav of ours”Mellow Mondays,”which can provide the necessary respite. Designate specific days for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation, like screen free Saturdays- go play in nature and BE with your friends and family. By incorporating mellow time into your routine, you can counterbalance the busyness of life and cultivate a healthier relationship with time and stress.
Rushing has become a normalized behavior that negatively impacts our health and well-being. By recognizing the costs of rushing and consciously choosing to break free from this habit, we can experience greater peace, productivity, and overall fulfillment. Embracing intentional thoughts, strategic planning, and mellow time will transform our relationship with stress and lead to a healthier, more balanced life.
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ps… for those of you who resonate with these ideas and are seeking support in improving your health and well-being, consider exploring my food and mood program.
By managing stress and making mindful changes to your eating and stress habits, you can create a positive shift in your overall lifestyle. Remember, you have the power to prioritize your health and break free from the rush.



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