Why is Bone Broth Gut Friendly?

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Think of when you feel sick and do not have an appetite, bone broth is medicine. Same goes for if you are stressed and not hungry, bone broth will soothe your tummy and digestive track. Today, I share why bone broth is gut freindly and I offer you recipes.

If you have serious gut troubles and need to repair your gut, bone broth is your baseline.

What is bone broth? It is the magical liquid left after the bones of animals boiled in water. It is the collagen, the minerals, and the connective tissue in tiny easily digested micro nutrients.

When I first started making bone broth a decade ago, after studying Ayurveda in Sebastopol, I would go to my local Whole Foods meat department and ask for the cut up big pieces of animal bones. Organic bones of course. And they gave me the bones for no charge. This only last about a year. Because the Ayurveda course I took was local and soon many of us were asking for bones, so the price went up.

My man just made his first batch of bone broth from scratch, he found a high quality meat store in Haifa, Israel. When he told me that the bones were free, I knew that bone broth hasn’t become a thing here yet, like in Sonoma county.

When we lived on a cruise ship we bought powdered bone broth and made a soup. This is a super easy and gut friendly recipe for on the go. You can literally put the ingredients in a jar, take it with you, and add hot water before you eat it.

Bone broth is also something you can buy in the store in many places and add to recipes. My man is the main ‘cooker’ (as our LO calls him) and he uses bone broth to cook veggies in both on the stove top and in the oven. The bone broth is both nourishing as well as add some tasty layers to the food.

When we buy bone broth pre-made, we buy organic, and local whe possible.

When we buy bones to make bone broth, we buy organic because we don’t want to consume animals that consumed lots of medications and processed grain feed. We want to eat happy healthy animals with as little toxins and disease as possible.

Bone broth is simple to make and gut friendly.

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