Winter Cold Remedies Gut Friendly Microbiome Friendly

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Winter is upon us and depending on where you live in the world this winter you may or may NOT be having a cold season. We are in Israel this winter and the kids are going to school indoors without masks. So like a normal school year, the colds are here. Unlike last year, this year I am busting out my winter cold remedies that are both gut friendly and microbiome friendly.

When it comes to getting sick, the symptoms vary from a stuffy or runny nose, headaches or back aches, a cough, a fever and so on.

Western medicine works on the body in a way to suppress symptoms kinda like a an override button. Most made with man-made chemicals and sugars which are not gut friendly nor microbiome friendly. Man-made chemicals create extra work on our body’s detox organs and sugars feed the unfriendly bacterai of our Microbiome.

Eastern medicine, works to support and balance the bodies systems. Like to bring a high fever down, use hot cold therapy. Or like for a sore throat to use raw honey or a salt gargle that are both naturally antibacterial and cleansing. Or to support an immune system using garlic to boost the immune system. My favorite part of Eastern medicine winter cold remedies is that they are gut friendly and microbiome friendly. They target the virus or bacteria without doing a sweeping wipe out on our body.

The natural remedies are the remedies that take more time and attention and they are the ones that support gut health and are microbiome friendly. Watch the video to hear about all the cold remedy tricks I use and love when it comes to treating our colds.

Here is a link to my Amazon list for cold remedies that are gut and Microbiome friendly.

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