Zen Odyssey Defined

(Zen and Odyssey defined by google…)

Zen: essence of wisdom and compassion embodied in spiritual masters.

– dhyana (sanskrit) means meditation : to see, to observe, to look.

  • The art of noticing your self, to go beyond words and wonder what your own mind and being are.

odyssey: a long and eventual journey or experience.

Ie – a spiritual quest

  • The odyssey focuses on life’s greater purpose through the fulfillment of destiny, perseverance and loyalty

  • A long trip or period involving a lot of different and exiting activities, especially while searching for something.

Zen Odyssey Defined and Applied

You have the power and ability to choose how you live your life.

Your experience of your life is all about your internal reality; your thoughts and your feelings.

Through the intentional act of practicing awareness (about your Self, your thoughts, your feelings) you will gain insight, connection and power to everything in your life. True Power and real access to Your Life.

Within you lies the secrets and wisdom that will guide you through your life’s unique odyssey.

Come get Zen with me; we can find your map to your Odyssey.

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