Zen Odyssey Food Tribe

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We are wired to connect over food, to eat together, to break bread, to share warm meals; eating together is part of what helped our ancestors survive. When making food changes, breaking away from the tribe feels excruciating and wrong, I myself went through the process and I help people through this process. This is why a Zen Odyssey food tribe is on the horizon.

Imagine all your friends, co-workers, and family all eating nourishing foods for the purpose of caring for their body. How easy would it be to for you to follow suit and do the same?

We all like to fit in.

Eating differently requires feeling uncomfortable; which most of us turn to food to comfort ourself from the discomfort.

Interrupting this cycle takes attention; the key to growth and food changes.

I love personal growth, I did my growth work with food about decades ago. Since then many of my friends made food changes and along the way I met new friends with similar food beliefs and ways of eating.

I now have a food tribe, who eat nourishing foods, in my personal life and it feels extraordinary. To be not only supported but also inspired by my friend food tribe feels good.

At my man’s last birthday, we had a group of random friends over who did not know each other to spend the night at our beach house. We asked everyone to bring “something” for dinner; we made meat and sweet potatoes. The dinner was incredible, we are foodies.

One girlfriend, after dinner, asked how did everyone know to bring such healthy food. I loved the question because it shows how far our food tribe is extended.

I think of where I was at the beginning of my food journey and how feeling alone around my food choices was one of my struggles.

This is why one of my goals is to start a Zen Odyssey Food Tribe, with an in person annual retreat where we can eat together, create a network and inspire each other.

Who is in?


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