7 Simple Thoughts To Think Which Generate The Feeling ‘Zenned Out’

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You, have the option to choose feeling zenned out right now, at this very moment. Once you know how to choose your emotions then you will be able to choose how you experience the world.

Stick with me…

Zenned out is what most of us are seeking when we invest our time in meditation or yoga. Zenned out is also what many of us are seeking when we have a drink, a smoke or when we go for a walk in the park.

We all seek some kind of feeling that is related to peace, to zen, to some form of reprieve.

In my two decades of studying yoga and meditation I gained the skills of being able to watch my thoughts and along the way I experienced moments of a relatively quiet mind; temporarily tasting the feeling of zenned out.

Two imperative skills which are missing from meditation and yoga teachings, as well as our general education, are the skills of how to manage our thinking and how to intentionally generate emotions.

Emotions are created by thoughts.

The secret to your internal reality is:

What you think is what you feel. Period.

What are you Thinking?


(I wish someone had taught me this way earlier in my life.)

Nothing else causes your feelings or emotions besides the thoughts in your head.

All of your thoughts are optional, you can choose what you think; therefor you can choose how you feel.

You can choose thoughts that cause you to feel stress, or you can choose thoughts that cause you to feel zenned out.

Choose Your Thoughts

Here is an example:

Imagine that you just got news that the company you are working for is downsizing.

Now remember what I said a few sentences back: emotions are created from our thoughts. So you have control over how you feel about this news based on what thoughts you intentionally (or unintentionally) think, whether you know it or not.

Most people have unintentional thoughts such as:

  • “I am going to loose my job, loose my income, and I will not be able to pay my bills so I may end up homeless”.

  • It is totally normal for our brains to go towards worst case scenario thoughts which generate emotions of fear, doom or scarcity.

Everyone has the option to think thoughts like:

  • “Everything happens for a reason. I trust in my ability to get a new and even better job. I can handle what ever life throws at me.”

  • Notice these thoughts create feelings such as zenned out, empowered or confidence.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were a master at generating your own emotions? … choosing your thoughts?

Zenned Out TakeAway.

  • Feeling stressed, busy and overwhelmed are choices.

  • Feeling zenned out is also a choice.

Generating emotions is a skill set which starts with awareness, meanders through intentional thinking and has potentials of creating a satisfied intentional life. A life where you can choose to summon a thought that creates zenned out at any moment.

Here are some of the thoughts I intentionally think when I am wanting to feel zenned out, at peace or accepting. Try them on, check out how you feel when you think them.

  • “Amazing things come easily to me in my life.”

  • “Everything is figure-out-able.”

  • “Everything happens as it is supposed to happen.”

  • “I can totally handle this.”

  • “I am a problem solving genius.”

  • “I expand in challenging moments.”

  • “This, too, shall pass.”

Curious to learn more about thoughts and emotions?

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