A “Love and Peace” Exercise from My 5 Year Old

conflict resolution
I want to share a story from my family’s life as a way to keep some version of the political conversation that I have started alive but also give a really clear way of how it connects to the coaching work that I’m doing and my whole food and mood approach to life, wellness, and health. There is definitely a really huge emotional component to all of this. As you know by now, I have friends and family in Israel, and this has been really intense for us, with a lot of emotions and tension. Yet, there are ways to use this work to keep our lives as reasonably grounded and healthy amidst all of life’s stressors.
My little one, who is just five and a half, absolutely blew me away a couple of weeks ago. She’s learning how to be in the world, obviously influenced by me and the way I see the world.
One of the things my clients often say after the first couple of months of my program is that they wish they had learned these emotional skills in school. It’s powerful to see how what I’ve taught my daughter is actually starting to take root and be used.
A few Saturdays ago, my partner and I were both feeling tense and stressed, overwhelmed by the news regarding Israel. We found ourselves in an argument over some Burning Man gifts we needed to go through as a family. We were struggling to get out the door, torn between our differences. In the midst of this, our daughter stepped up in a surprising way. She offered us a conflict resolution exercise.
She had us sit cross-legged, close our eyes, take deep breaths, and think about what we prayed for in our hearts. Then, she asked us, “Do you choose love or not love?” It was a simple but profound question. Over the course of about 10 minutes, it helped us both soften and come back to a place of understanding and love, despite our differences. It reminded me that even when we have conflicts, we can always choose love. This is a profound path to peace, both in our personal lives and on a larger scale.
The question of whether peace is possible, especially in today’s turbulent world, lingers in the background. I believe that this exercise, initiated by my five-year-old daughter, is one of the most profound paths towards peace. It reminds us that, if we reconnect with our inner selves and tap into our core desires, we can always choose love, even in the face of hurt or disagreement.
This practice is not limited to resolving conflicts with others but also extends to self-love. We can choose to love ourselves even when we regret our actions or dislike certain aspects of ourselves. Love is a powerful force that heals, uplifts, and transforms our lives.
In conclusion, the story of my daughter’s conflict resolution exercise left a lasting impact on my family, and I wanted to share it because it emphasizes that love is always an option, no matter the circumstances. Choosing love can be one of the most significant and transformative actions we can take, both personally and globally. So, let’s practice it and make the world a better place one choice of love at a time.

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