Do you think Adderall is THE solution to FOCUS?

I had my own “Rockstar” times many many years ago.

And Adderall happen to be one of my favorite experiences. The intense focus and feeling of “on,” I loved it.

Yet, what I noticed was the costs afterward… I felt “off,” disconnected, and the need for more.

One of the main ways I play with my health is by tracking the “costs.” Needing Adderall, feeling “off,” and the disconnected experience I felt from my self and my emotions ARE NOT a price I am willing to play.


Several of my clients, especially my CEOs and business owners, main goal is FOCUS.

hey want their brain to feel “on,” creative, and highly productive; and they want it sustainably. Many of them were using Adderall to create this focus and they too were looking for an alternative that was sustainable and without the costs. These particular clients, I encouraged to do the extreme version of my food reset that incudes cutting out all processed foods- especially additives and chemicals… because guess what, these additives and chemicals added to our “foods” are affecting our brains ability to focus. These clients had a first hand experience of their brain’s increased ability to focus BY SHIFTING THEIR FOODS.

I am doing similar work with my daughters school; every parent and teacher wants kids to be able to focus, learn, and be regulated. My daughter’s school at age 3 asked me to teach the other parents how to feed their kid so that they could be well-regulated like my kid. They saw the difference in the foods that I was feeding her and how she was able to be fully regulated til 5 pm EVEN on days she didn’t nap. Other kids eating bagels for breakfast were falling apart at 10am.  It is easy to bribe kids or pacify kids with packaged processed foods and colorful candy AND then we reprimand them because they cannot sit still and focus.

Lets help our kids out by giving them real foods that regulate them (body and brain) instead of giving them Adderall.

There is a great documentary, “Take Your Pills” that tells an eye-opening reality and costs of Adderall as well as other similar uppers. I highly recommend it.

I believe it is in our nature to want a magic pill that solves our problems (mental, emotional, and physical)… but the truth is to truly heal and support our health and wellbeing we need to address the root cause of imbalances. This is what I teach in my food and mood program: learn how to deal with hard emotions (instead of stuff them down or pacify them) and then learn how to eat foods that nourish our body and brain. It is simple and deeply impactful on nearly all health aspects.

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“After Chandra’s Food Reset, my brain is focused, clear, and far more productive. I used to take Adderall when I needed to feel “on”… now I do not need it anymore. Deepest thank you for helping me understand the chemicals and additives that clouded my brain.” -A

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