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GuideBook for Your Innate Human Potential

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GuideBook for Your Innate Human Potential

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How This Book Began:

I love writing. I have dreamed of writing a book since I was child. I wrote a 30k work book this last year that I am in the process of editing. 


A few months ago, I met a woman at a local women’s coffee network. She has a co-author book publishing company. I considered writing a chapter in one of her co-author books. It was 2k to 3k to write a chapter, authors did not have copyrights, and royalties went to a non-profit.


I realized the biggest  appeal is us authors sharing our network via the book. I got curious who the authors were and was not impressed. I started thinking about all the amazing people I know who have their own business and are on similar missions to mine. Off the top of my head I wrote down 19 people; I looked at the list and said what is the commonality? And answered, “human potential.”


So I started chatting with you 5 to see if you were interested and in. I have gotten a resounding yes.


Next steps:

1) a zoom meeting to meet each other and record for the authors 

2) sending me $600 (talking to my tax guy about where/how to collect this)

3) me signing the book contract

4) adding an additional 5 to 10 authors to our book

5) we each distill our message and we each write our chapters with the aim to both give real tools to raise collective human potential and attract people to our own offers 

5) book launches in end of May (writing of our chapters is due mid April)

6) our collective messages go out into the world via each of us sharing our book and our book being marketed


Zoom gatherings (not obligatory) every other Monday:
March 4th. March 18th. April 1st. April 15th. April 29th. May 13th. 

Activation Writing Call

with Usha

About Each Author

How to age gracefully through optimizing your hormones and health.


Greg is a board-certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and co-founder of Radiance Ketamine Clinic in Reno, Nevada in 2020. Since then, he also co-founded Vivid Life Ketamine Clinic in Concord, California and developed the ketamine program for and co-owns Brain Health Restoration in Reno, Nevada. Greg finds great satisfaction in talking with his patients and hearing how ketamine has truly changed their lives.

Medical Intuitive tapping into your own guides to give you information about your health and more.

Nature and Native focused reconnection to the elements and our ancestry.

Soul Led Living Coach. Learn how to listen to your soul and lead an alive life.

Stay Or Go Coaching

Jim Pehkonen is a Life Architect, a highly trained life coach that has worked in addiction recovery and deep trauma since 2006. He has led workshops about healing and breath meditation for over 30,000 people, mostly in addiction recovery centers. For 13 years, he was a contractor in one of the top 5 recovery centers, working with affluent humans in recovery doing ‘Spiritual Addiction Recovery’ workshops. For about a year,heI had a podcast (Sobriety Elevated) that was in the top 100 podcasts in addiction recovery support.

Jim specializes in working with business owners, upper managers, students, and entrepreneurs to dramatically transform their life.  His approach introduces out of the box modalities to help you understand the impact of their thinking on the bottom line results on your life. Jim’s personal style is intuitive and unique.  His natural coaching instinct enables his clients to rapidly achieve results.  He has the ability to pinpoint and transform individual limitations that others struggle to see. In 2023, Jim published two books, and will be publishing a book on the process of healing trauma in 2024.

Patricia is a nurse and coach for those facing the end of life. Helping people embrace end of life and the fears that come with it.

A specialized center with concierge-quality services
to help individuals and families flourish.


Founder of Trybe, the health performance company translating health to team goals. Author – U.S. Navy Veteran

The Power of Unconditional love: How to transform your life through meditative practice based on unconditional love.

Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor Erika Siegel N.D. L.Ac.

Naturopathic Primary Care
Author of The Nourish Me Kitchen
Sacred Sexuality Educator, Sexual Empowerment Coach and Erotic Embodiment Guide. 

Usha Rose is the founder of the Erotic Embodiment Institute and creator of the Women’s Pleasure and Power Program and Pussy Majesy Yoni Egg Course.

Chinese Medicine Doctor 

Writing on Psychic Breathing for reaching human potential.

website coming soon

Human Design Specialist

I Empower You To Be Your Own Master or

Food and Mood Coaching: the baseline to human potential is learning how to be in conscious relationship with our mind and emotions AND then focusing on eating nourishing foods with Love.

Burton J. Tabaac, MD, FAHA is an Associate Professor of Neurology at The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, dedicated to the cutting-edge treatment and prevention of neurological diseases. He serves as the Section Chief of Neurology and Medical Director of Stroke affiliated with Carson Tahoe Health. Dr. Tabaac is a graduate of the fellowship program in cerebrovascular neurology at The Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, MD (2019). After graduating from AUC School of Medicine, where he earned his MD (2014), Tabaac completed a neurology residency at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ. There, he was humbled to have been selected as a three-time recipient of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award (2016, 2017, and 2018). Tabaac has been honored by being inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. In 2021 he was awarded the prestigious accolade of fellowship affiliation with the American Heart Association. Tabaac’s research interests in the psychedelics space are focused on the potential for healing traumatic brain injury and promoting rehabilitation in stroke patients. Tabaac served as a TEDx speaker in 2022 at UCLA, presenting a talk entitled, “Mental Health Meets Psychedelics.” As of 2023, Tabaac has been welcomed as a Special Advisor to the Board for The McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy. In 2024 he was appointed as a Member of the Psychedelic Medicines Working Group for Nevada State to provide expertise and testimony relating to the therapeutic use of entheogens, with presentations to the 83rd Session of the Nevada Legislature.

Website: Youtube – “Mental Health Meets Psychedelics | Burton Tabaac | TEDxUCLA”


Author Contact and Info Sheet + Interview Links and Social Media

I have created an editable sheet for us all to use. 
I have put everyone’s names, emails, websites and topics in the sheet. 
Please add additional social media info and feel free to edit or update any info here. 

Our Multi Author Book's Goals + Rights

To help our fellow humans raise consciousness and increase human potential.

To share our networks and gain awareness of each of our individual offers.

  • By sharing each author’s stories, work, and actionable tips for raising human potential.
  • Get our collective messages out into mainstream brains.
  • Attract expansion of our work in the world.


  • We own the copyrights to our own chapters and to the book.
  • We receive all royalties (I am open to figuring out if we want to split this money, put it back into marketing, or find a way to invest it into human potential.)
camera, book, candle-4597415.jpg
white male, 3d model, isolated-1834099.jpg

The Plan

Ten to Fifteen Authors

Each author writes three thousand to four thousand word chapters (I can write 1000 words in a hour) sharing stories and actionable tips through their own expertise on the work they offer in the world that aims to increase human potential. 

*Option and potential for this group to become a mastermind on human potential; creating together what that may become. 


Each author has the option do an interview with me on the their topic, story, and message post book launch. (And you are welcome to interview each other too).

Live Workshop

Each author is invited to offer live online workshops within my online food and mood community membership as well as for this group; let me know if you want to offer one.

What Being an Author Includes

correcting, proof, paper-1870721.jpg


  • Each chapter will be professionally edited and proofed.

  • Book cover design included.
  • The book will be formatted.

  • There is an option for ghost writing your chapter if you prefer for an additional $200. 
a book, pages, read-5178205.jpg


  • The book will be published on many platforms including Amazon and Apple in digital form, audio form (if we choose), and in paper.
  • Each author will have their own bio included in the book chapters with links to author’s website. 


  • The book will be marketed for minimum 3 months and up to 1 year (depending on the plan chosen).

  • SEO and keywords are included in the marketing.

  • Likely Best Seller and potentially International Best Seller. 
technology equipment

Book Website

  • A website specifically for our book will be created by the publishing company and will include each of our bios and links to each author’s website. 

Do You Have Questions?

Let’s talk Money

Financial Investment: Each Author contributes $600.
The book publisher offer I am leaning towards is $4k, this includes 3 months of marketing and what is listed above.


(UPDATE) My original idea was that I will pay myself the remainder of the money collected from each authors as payment for my time organizing this book.

CURRENT plan: that I will use the money to market our book. The more I am learning about publishing and marketing has lead me to invest in marketing for our book’s success. Still figuring out the fine print and best option for this book’s success. 



Do we want to use it to continue marketing the book? Do we want to create a human potential ORG and put the royalties there? 

Book a Book Chat with Chandra

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