Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024


Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024

Zen Odyssey

The Human Potential Book

For and By the Wayshowers

Our Multi Author Book's Goals + Rights

  • To help our fellow humans raise consciousness and increase human potential.
  • To share our networks and gain awareness of each of our individual offers.
  • By sharing each author’s stories, work, and actionable tips.
  • Get our collective messages out into mainstream brains.
  • Attract expansion of our work in the world.
  • We own the copyrights to our own chapters and to the book.
  • We receive all royalties (I am open to figuring out if we want to split this money, put it back into marketing, or find a way to invest it into human potential.)
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The Plan

Ten to Fifteen Authors

Each author writes three thousand to four thousand word chapters sharing stories and actionable tips through their own expertise on the work they offer in the world that aims to increase human potential. 

*Option and potential for this group to become a mastermind on human potential; creating together what that may become. 


Each author has the option do an interview with me on the their topic, story, and message post book launch.

Live Workshop

Each author is invited to offer live online workshops within my online food and mood community membership.

What Being an Author Includes

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  • Each chapter will be professionally edited and proofed.

  • Book cover design included.
  • The book will be formatted.

  • There is an option for ghost writing your chapter if you prefer for an additional $200. 
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  • The book will be published on many platforms including Amazon and Apple in digital form, audio form (if we choose), and in paper.
  • Each author will have their own bio included in the book chapters with links to author’s website. 


  • The book will be marketed for minimum 3 months and up to 1 year (depending on the plan chosen). 

  • SEO and keywords are included in the marketing. 

  • Guaranteed ROI of 200%.

  • Likely Best Seller and potentially International Best Seller. 
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Book Website

  • A website specifically for our book will be created by the publishing company and will include each of our bios and links to our own websites. 

Financial Investment: Each Author contributes $600.


This money goes to both the publisher and my invested time.

About Each Author

Nature and Native focused reconnection to the elements and our ancestry.

Medical Intuitive tapping into your own guides to give you information about your health and more.

Soul Led Living Coach. Learn how to listen to your soul and lead an alive life.

Functional doctor for human performance, professional athlete helping humans step into their own potential.

How to age gracefully through optimizing your hormones and health.

Food and Mood Coaching: the baseline to human potential is learning how to be in conscious relationship with our mind and emotions AND then focusing on eating nourishing foods with Love.

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