Come Make a Salad with Me

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Are you ready to party-salad with me? It is over one hundred degrees and it is summer time which makes it a healthy time of year to up our salad intake. So read on to hear my thoughts on this week’s video, or head straight to the video if you prefer. Either way… come make a salad with me.

I sometimes forget to mention the importance of organic, so I will start here. Our MB, microbiome, is greatly impacted by many factors; today I’ll touch on the food we eat. It harms our MB to eat foods that were grown using bug-killers – think that those same bug-killing sprays are also killing the friendly bugs of our MB. Plus eating a little dirt, and itty bitty bugs that naturally live on organic food supports our friendly MB bugs.

Now, onto the season of salads. If we pause and think about the time of year when fresh greens are a plenty, and if you tune into your belly and consider when it feels best to eat raw greens… summer is the natural answer.

I love salads year-round… but this time of year I love to double up on my salads. I like how salad is light to digest, is also cooling, and how simple it is to throw together a super tasty salad.

Again… if you haven’t checked out my Party Salad blog recipe with the link to all of my toppings…. I highly recommend doing so. And yes, friend, who is eating over at my house and I shared the link just last week, YES I am talking to you too. (For those of you not eating at my house, if you need some extra motivation to go check out my salad toppings list then hear this: my friends who eat my salads are regularly asking for my salad toppings list.)

I know we all get busy and it is tough to incorporate new habits into our day…. which makes me want to share a small sidetrack…

So when I decide to incorporate a new uplevel health habit in my life, I first start by focusing on the benefit it will give me (not the seeming loss of time or energy my brain wants to default focus on). For example, when it comes to changing up my food, my goal is always to gain energy, presence, and time which always takes an initial investment but then pays off with needing less sleep and having more energy.

So if your brain is trying to say, “I don’t have time,” you can remind yourself that you will gain time and energy by investing in your health… like making some meal switches from something sugar and flour filled to a tasty salad.

Alright, enough of a side track.

Back to the salad….

Actually, I want to wrap up this email. And so, I do recommend watching the video, mostly because I show you my ratios of greens, olive oil, salt, and red onion. For this reason alone I think it is worth watching and hanging out with me in my Airstream while I make myself my break-fast meal at 1pm on this last Tuesday.

Alright friend, you know where to find me when you are ready to “magically” up your health game.

Ps. I do not use the word magically lightly. But the word magical has been used by multiple clients saying that their food and mood process feels magical, they say it is full of gentle nudges, and when they finish the self-chosen stage of their 30-day reset that they can’t believe they DO NOT want sugar. One client said yesterday “I was at a party, there was cake, and I cannot believe that I did not want any…” Another client talked about her weight loss and how by focusing on foods that make her body feel good (instead of dieting and restricting) that her weight loss feels magical.

So if you think we are doing dreaded hard food changes over here at Zen Odyssey… think again.

‘Til next week.

LINK to Salad Party Recipe with Toppings List Link


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