Fridge Stress and Overwhelm: Friend Story

Fridge Stress and Overwhelm: Friend Story
Recently, a dear friend of mine asked me for some food advice, a topic I’m incredibly passionate about… and LOVE talking about without end. Our exchange uncovered a few intriguing insights that I believe are worth sharing. You see, a significant part of my coaching revolves around the dynamic relationship between individuals and their food choices.
My friend is a remarkable woman, at the moment she is primarily juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and homemaking (which is one of the most demanding jobs ever). Her partner, a former chef, amplifies the culinary expectations at home.
She asked for my advice on her food dilemma: she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed about feeding her family.
As we chatted, I delved into the underlying thoughts that triggered this stress. She said the words I hear all the time.. the words that cause stress which are “have to.”
Given her permission to coach her, I offered the questions “Do you have to? What other options do you have?“
Together, we explored the possibility of ordering in or even hiring a private chef temporarily. My friend initially felt uneasy about such alternatives. Yet, I encouraged her to question this thought, “I have to prepare food”.
After all, she knows how good nourishing and clean food feels, SO… I knew she would circle back here.
This dialogue echoed a fundamental principle I advocate—our relationship with food should be based on conscious choices aligned with how we want to feel. It’s not about restrictions or obligations; it’s about nourishing our well-being. Just as one of my clients discovered, choosing to forgo cake at a party wasn’t about restriction but an empowered decision driven by how she wanted to feel afterward.
The beauty of this conversation lies in its simplicity and applicability. It mirrors how I work with my clients, striving to help them fall in love with nourishing food while transforming their relationship with it.
I encourage you to reflect on your own relationship with food. Are there “have to’s” causing unnecessary stress (and rebellion)?  Remember, nourishing your body is sustainable when it comes from your desire, and that’s where the real magic happens. Until next time, may your days be filled with mindful choices and delicious moments.

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Ps. Recently, a few of my clients have expressed the challenge of explaining my coaching approach to others (who they are wanting to work with me). So, I wanted to share this friend-conversation as a window into my process, showcasing the importance of our relationship to food which is how we think and feel about food.
For those eager to dive deeper into this transformative journey, I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming Food and Mood Movement- if you would like to be apart of the first round… please email me chandra@zenodyssey.com

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