Our Thoughts Matter

Our Thoughts Matter

Ready for some revolutionary information? Hold onto your hats, this may blow your mind, it did mine.

All emotions, are caused only by thoughts. Anything that happens in your life is completely neutral UNTIL you have a thought about it.

Thought defined: A sentence in your head, an opinion, a judgement. Thoughts can be formed unconsciously and most often are formed this way.

Your brain can produce thoughts, often seemingly telling you what to do. The primal brain produces many fear and comfort based thoughts which helped us humans to survive, seek warmth and reproduce.

Thoughts can also be formed and thought intentionally. You have the ability to talk to yourself, to choose thoughts and to think intentional thoughts which serve you.

You have a prefrontal brain which you can use to manage your thoughts.

Most people believe that it is situations, other people’s actions, words said, the past or circumstances that cause them to have emotions.

It is not.

Stick with me.

How Thoughts Cause Feelings

ExampleOne: Think about a tragic event, like a loved one getting in a horrific car accident.

  • If it was the car accident that causes you pain then you would feel it immediately when the car accident occurs; but you do not feel the pain until you hear about the event and then have a thought about the car accident.

ExampleTwo: Think about a person loosing their job. The loss of the job is neutral until the person has thoughts about it.

  • One person could think, ‘Great, now I can find an even better job.’

  • Another could think, ‘Oh no, I am never going to get another job.’

Each of these thoughts creates entirely different emotions. One perhaps excited and one perhaps full of dread.

Emotions do not happen mysteriously, they are directly created from the sentences in your mind.

If you want to feel or not feel a certain emotion then you must start looking at your thoughts.

Most people try to control situations and other people in hopes to control their own inner state; this is useless.

The cause of emotions is thoughts, period.

If you want to control (I like to call it master) your inner state (your emotions) then you must master your own thoughts. Your thoughts are where all of your power and control lies.


Next Level: All actions, in-actions, habits and behaviors are driven by emotions. Why the skill set of createing, generating and choosing emotions matters.

The Point of Meditation

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