Gut Health and Bubble Bath

Gut Health and Bubble Bath

Today, I decided to switch my background up a bit. I know that introducing novelty into our lives can be incredibly stimulating for our brains. So, here I am, sitting in my bathtub, the very same bathtub where my little one enjoys her baths. You might notice her cups scattered around me. I’m not here to talk about toys, though. Instead, I want to dive into a topic that has been on my mind lately – ingredients and package labels.

Kids are curious creatures, and my daughter is no exception. She’s been asking for bubble baths, which is completely understandable. Who doesn’t love a good, bubbly, fun-filled soak in the tub? However, as a health-conscious parent, I can’t help but question the ingredients in those colorful, effervescent, chemical-filled bubbles. I firmly believe and teach that gut health is not just about what we put inside our bodies; it’s also about what we put ON our bodies.

Our skin is often overlooked as an absorbing organ, but it is one, nonetheless. When we use products filled with man-made hard to process chemicals, those “toxins” can find their way in and often stored in our organs including our brains. The same goes for shampoo, conditioner, and even the water in our baths and swimming pools. Ideally, we should question ingredients on our skin with the same scrutiny we give to our food labels, ensuring that what we reduce toxin intake whenever possible.

When we use products containing harmful chemicals, it’s like filling up our internal “bathtub” of toxins. Our bodies are remarkable at detoxing, but when this metaphorical tub overflows, we experience symptoms like skin issues, allergies, brain fog, and other health problems. The key is to minimize the toxins that enter our bodies and to keep our detox pathways clear and efficient (which is not what our western world is set up by default).

So, when my daughter asked for a bubble bath, I searched Amazon looking for a “natural, chemical-free bubble bath”. One brand caught my eye – Bubble Pods Watermelon Flavor. What I loved about it was its simplicity. It contained a few mostly recognizable ingredients which made relative sense to me, meaning they were devoid of the long, complicated chemical names that I flag as toxic and do not use.

Admittedly, I didn’t conduct extensive scientific research on this particular product. I liked the ingredients and decided to try it and see how my nose, skin, and body responded. (Listening to our body is something we can all re-learn and use to make decisions- I teach it in my program). I am happy with the product, I spend a few minutes “agitating the water to create bubbles” and my skin is not irritated or dry.

My daughter is happy with her bubbly bath. It is a win-win.

This experience got me thinking about how health is in every part of our life, baths included. It’s not just about what we eat or don’t eat; it’s also about what we expose ourselves to – the air we breathe, the water we use, the products we apply to our skin. Fortunately, we live in a time when alternatives are readily available. With a simple search on Amazon or look in your local co-op, you can discover a world of less-toxic options.

I firmly believe that healthy living should never be about deprivation or missing out on the fun stuff. Instead, it’s about asking the right questions and focusing on choices that support our well-being. I certainly don’t want my daughter to miss out on the joys of a bubble bath, and I’m thrilled that I can provide her with a safe and enjoyable option.

So, as you go about your daily routines, consider the ingredients that surround you – in your food, your skincare products, and even your bubble bath. I encourage you to aim to reduce your exposure to toxins and keep our detox pathways flowing smoothly (for example pooping daily).

Thank you for joining me in my little bathtub brainstorming session today. I hope this discussion encourages you to think more about the ingredients in your everyday products and how they impact your long-term well-being.


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Ps… hiring me as your coach, and coaching with me once a week for six months, has been said to be like taking a really nourishing bubble bath. Let me help you on your health journey.

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