How Nicole Overcame Anxiety and Lost 44 Pounds

How Nicole Overcame Anxiety and Lost 44 Pounds with Chandra's Program

When I first met Chandra, it felt like a divine intervention. I had been searching for someone to talk to, someone who could provide more than just an ear but also bring a deep understanding of both spiritual and educational elements. My search ended when I found Chandra, who is truly an “Earth Angel.” She has a unique ability to create a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing my deepest thoughts and challenges, something I had never experienced before.

Who Am I?

I’m Nicole Arakorpi, a web and graphic designer based in Reno, Nevada. I initially pursued a career in HR after college but transitioned into the digital creative field about seven years ago. This change allowed me to combine my passion for creativity with my desire to help people, which has been incredibly fulfilling.

What Makes Chandra’s Program Unique

Chandra’s program stands out due to her holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit. She helped me understand and accept my emotions and thoughts, showing me how to manage stress and anxiety through practical tools and education. Her concept of the 50/50 life, where we accept that life has both good and bad moments, was particularly transformative for me.

The Educational Component

One of the key elements that set Chandra’s program apart is the educational component. She explained why our brains behave the way they do and provided strategies to manage our thoughts and emotions effectively. This understanding helped me realize that I’m not alone or unusual in my struggles, and it gave me practical ways to move forward.

The Impact on My Physical and Mental Health

Through her coaching, I lost 44 pounds in about a year, improved my sleep, and balanced my hormones. More importantly, I learned to listen to my body and understand its needs, which profoundly affected my mental and physical well-being. Chandra taught me the importance of gut health and how the foods we consume impact our mood and overall health.

Handling Cravings and Emotional Eating

Chandra’s approach to cravings and emotional eating was eye-opening. She taught me to enjoy my favorite foods like pizza and beer without guilt by making conscious decisions and understanding the consequences. This shift in mindset made a significant difference in my relationship with food.

Beyond Food and Mood

Chandra’s program also helped me improve my time and energy management. By understanding the root causes of my stress and anxiety, I became more productive and focused. I learned to set boundaries and manage my relationships better, ensuring that I no longer take on others’ emotions or problems as my own.

Why I Recommend Chandra’s Coaching

I highly recommend Chandra’s coaching to anyone struggling with mental health, physical health, or finding balance in life. Her program is comprehensive, addressing all aspects of well-being. Chandra’s unique ability to connect with her clients and provide tailored guidance makes her coaching invaluable. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, stress, or health issues, her holistic approach can help you transform your life.

Final Thoughts

Working with Chandra has been a blessing, and her coaching has provided me with tools and insights that I will carry with me forever. You don’t need to embark on a far-off retreat to find yourself; sometimes, the guidance you need is right here, with the right person to help you unlock your potential.

For those looking to improve their overall well-being, I encourage you to explore Chandra’s program. It’s a journey worth taking, and it could be the key to unlocking a healthier, happier you.


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Q1: What is the 50/50 life concept?

A: The 50/50 life concept is about accepting that life will have both good and bad moments and learning to navigate through both with grace and understanding.

Q2: How does Chandra’s program help with weight loss?

A: Chandra’s program focuses on holistic health, including tools for feeling feelings, food re-education, mental well-being, and physical activity, which together contribute to sustainable weight loss.

Q3: What makes Chandra’s coaching different from traditional therapy?

A: Chandra combines spiritual, emotional, and physical education to provide a comprehensive approach to well-being, unlike traditional therapy that may focus more on mental health alone.

Q4: Can I join Chandra’s program if I have a busy schedule?

A: Yes, Chandra offers flexible options including group coaching, which allows you to benefit from her program without overwhelming your schedule.

Q5: How can I start my journey with Chandra?

A: You can start by visiting her website, signing up for her newsletter, or joining one of her introductory sessions to learn more about her approach and how it can benefit you.

Earth Angel: A Journey with Chandra

An Earth Angel entered my life,

With a gentle spirit, cutting through the strife.

A time I needed someone to see,

To open up, to let it be.


In her presence, I found the way,

To speak the words I couldn’t say.

With ears that listened, heart so pure,

Education paired with a cure.


Through her program, blessings flowed,

A path to health, my true self showed.

Lost pounds, found peace, balanced my days,

In Chandra’s light, I learned new ways.


Financial worries held me back,

But she offered trade, a different track.

Grateful for her gift so kind,

A holistic approach that healed my mind.


Acceptance, resistance, I struggled with,

In limbo, I’d often sit.

But life’s fifty-fifty, she helped me see,

Embrace the highs and lows with glee.


Food and mood, a sacred pair,

Understanding brought, beyond compare.

Tools and wisdom, lifelong keys,

To navigate life with greater ease.


In her care, I felt seen,

A journey to places I’d never been.

No one-size-fits-all, unique and true,

Chandra’s magic, she knew what to do.


To those who struggle, near and far,

An Earth Angel can raise the bar.

With mind, body, spirit in harmony,

Life transforms, beautifully.


Nicole’s story, a testament clear,

Of how Chandra’s light can steer.

From darkness to a life so bright,

An Earth Angel’s touch, pure delight.

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