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Multi-Author Book Collaboration & Ongoing Community Mastermind

Why You Are Here:

The Book Itself

  • 1 chapter each 3k or 4k words.
  • I can and will interview you and help get your story out (if you want).
  • Your bio and info included. 
  • Publishing date to be set. After January, by May.

Your Business

  • Get your message out to the world. 
  • Grow your network and circle of influence.
  • Gain business. 
  • Share your network, business and personal.

Our Community

  • Mastermind monthly with this core group of 20 authors.
  • Annual gathering of this group at Esalen or similar. 
  • Teach an online live workshop 4 times per year. 
  • Co-create a tribe of human potential wayshowers. 
chandra zas

How about we Raise some Human Potential together?

... let's co-author a multi-author book together...

Book Title

Human Potential: Soul Lead Living for and by The Way Showers. 

Wayshowers defined: Wayshowers are lightworkers with a strong commitment to serve others and share their gifts with all those who might benefit. Many washers are driven at a soul level to partake in the creation of a new Earth (human potential), one that is grounded in community, harmony, compassion, and love.

Human Potential is the capacity for humans to improve themselves through studying, training and practice, to reach the limit of their ability to develop aptitudes and skills. 


Twenty authors will each write a chapter from their own filter on how they personally and professionally help people raise their human potential. Each chapter will contain stories and lessons aimed towards raising human potential along with a couple actionable items the reader can apply to their life. 

There is an option of writing 3000 word chapter or a 4000 word chapter.

Each author has their own bio and able to post their website and how to work with you. 

Community and Collaboration

The publishing house Ama created this book offer mainly to help authors share and grow their network, to gain clients and build business. 

I want to take it a big step further. This group of people, including you reading this, are who I want to build an online (and in person) organization together. One where we collaborate in mastermind once per month on zoom. One where we each teach a live workshop inside of mine and our community. One where we meet at Esalen once a year together. one where we offer our own puzzle piece to the multi layered journey of one who seeking their own human potential

My goal for this book is to help raise human potential, to truly create a movement by getting our knowledge into as many hands as possible, and to do this with all of you. 

Why I want to Co-Author with You.​

Since I was a kid I have dreamed of writing a book. I love writing and sharing what I have learned in my life with others.  for me writing and sharing knowledge feels like something I must do from my soul. 


A few months ago, I almost joined Melissa’s co-author book project. When I realized that one of the big points is sharing a network with the co-authors, I got curious about the group I would author with… and it dawned on me that I have an incredible group of peers who I could write a book with instead.

And so, I am here creating a container for us to write together about human potential. A space for each of us to share our expertise and filter on how to invest and raise human potential.

My main goal is to create and add to the human potential movement. By sharing our stories and also actionable tips on how to raise human potential. 

Secondarily this is a great opportunity to share our like minded networks with each other to spread our message and attract clients or patients or whatever offering you put forth. 

For those of you who are fully booked, this is your opportunity to distill your work and get it into more hands for people to apply on themself. 

My soul yearns for community, together let’s collaborate and raise human potential. 

Time and Money Book

Publishing date is between February and April TBD

Each person needs to have their chapter written 2 months before publication for the editors to finish

Each person needs to have their chapter written 2 months before publication for the editors to finish

Ama Publishing

  • Provides a video library to help you write. 
  • Edits all chapters. 
  • Creates book cover and help create title.
  • Take care of all publishing tasks.
  • Help each of us launch to our networks with created posts and support. 


To write a 3k word chapter it is $2k. 

To write a 4k word chapter is is $3k and you get your name on the cover. 

I receive half of this money and will use a portion of it to support our groups growth and further collaboration. 

Generally Ama publishing send the profit to a non- profit of our choice. I negotiated that the money will come back into our organization. 

We each own the copyrights to our chapter. 

Beyond the Book

I love community, all of you invited to this book project know this about me. As I talked with a dear friend from Esalen  a few years ago about my vision he replied, “So basically you are wanting to create an online community like Esalen.”

I have an app “Zen Odyssey” and the vision of my app has been to host a panel of experts in respective fields like ND, astrologer, MD, psychedelic work, body work, and all of the many modalities that are part of a healing journey. I know from my own healing journey that it is not a one session or modality… it is many. “It takes a village to heal each of us.”

I want to start this collaboration with this core group and host the mastermind to co-create an entrepreneurial tribe for human potential. 

“I’m in.” “I’m in-in!” “My Body says Yes.”

"I'm in!"

To confirm your spot and take the next step, please click on the “sign me up button” to be transferred to Ama publishing website landing page for our book. 


I sat with a large list of awesome people in my life who have businesses aimed towards building human potential, these are the people who I am invited. ND, astrologer, Functional Doc, Early childhood educator, Psychologist, workshop leader, soul lead living coach… and more

Mac and I lived together at Esalen at the same time. We are dear friends. When I realized I wanted the book title to include human potential I knew he had to be apart of it.


I shared this vision with him as one of my core people on this book, and he said, “Yes, I am in-in.”


He will ask his dad, Michael Murphy, one of the main founders of the human potential movement and Esalen Institutet, to write our forward. 

Yes, there is regular 3 part payment and also the option to stretch payments to 5 payments. All payments need to be completed by our publishing date.

There are videos to help. 

In addition I will happily interview you and we can use the transcript to create the bones of your chapter. 


3 or 4 thousand words are not that many either… its only a chapter 😉

Yes, I would love to interview everyone. And anyone else with a platform can offer the same to each other. I know there are a lot of great conversations and ideas to be birthed here. 

My idea of our mastermind is to gather powerhouses and create a peer group of human potential leaders. I trust this will organically flow into something nourishing and impactful for all. 

Yes, I want to be a human potential co-author in this book!

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