I Urge Us All to Talk: Israel, Gaza, and Wartime

I Urge Us All to Talk: Isreal, Gaza, and Wartime

With a heavy heart and a confused mind, I find myself recording and writing on an unusual content this week. I had initially planned a different topic, but today, I feel compelled to address a subject that is scary to talk on – politics. In fact, I’m apprehensive about delving into political discourse, but I believe that’s precisely why it’s more vital than ever to engage in this dialogue.

The focus of my discussion revolves around the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza. In these horrific times, one of the most perilous things we can do is cease talking to each other. I’ve witnessed how divisive politics can be, as even within my own family, the election of President Trump led to strained relationships and silence that I first-hand witnessed and felt. The divisions and reluctance to engage in dialogue have become all too common, and I believe it’s crucial that we overcome these barriers and relearn how to allow our differences while maintaining connections.

The central message I aim to convey today, and I hope you’ll all take to heart, is the importance of conversation. It’s imperative that we reconnect, share stories, and uncover common ground. What’s truly disconcerting, however, are the celebrations I’ve observed since the recent attacks on Israel. We seem to have descended into a mentality celebrating human slaughter, and this is a dangerous path to tread.

I want to clarify my personal connection to the region. I’ve spent several years living in Israel, and my husband is Israeli, as is my daughter. I have family and numerous friends in Israel. Equally important, I know there are beautiful civilian Palestinians. The Palestinian situation is undoubtedly problematic, with civilians trapped in Gaza who risk their lives by speaking out against Hamas. But when I witness people celebrating the events in Israel, it fills me with deep concern for humanity. Celebrating violence and loss of life is a stark departure from humanity.

It’s crucial to differentiate between the plight of Palestinians and the attacks on Israel. It’s not just about Jews and Israelis; it’s about a broader anti-Western mindset that Hamas adheres to. Their goal isn’t peace, and this must be acknowledged. While there may be Palestinians who genuinely desire peace and freedom, it’s distinct from the actions taken in the recent attack on Israel.

In my Burner Man camp, we recently celebrated Shabbat with a diverse group of people, but I learned after Burning Man that some Palestinians in our camp felt uncomfortable. This highlights the fear and reluctance that has permeated the discourse. It’s this reluctance to speak and engage that I find most perilous.

Over the weekend, I took to social media to understand the situation better. While I’m not a regular visitor to these platforms, I recognized the importance of seeking out different perspectives. However, I also prioritized making direct connections, talking to people, and bridging gaps.

My plea to you is simple – reach out to those you know, whether they are Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, or anyone else. We must talk and connect. My belief is that division only makes this situation more frightening and abhorrent. The more we share and connect, the stronger we become as a human race.

This video is markedly different from my usual content, but the situation demanded a response. I am open to feedback and further discussion. Please share this message, and remember, love is a powerful force in these turbulent times. By reaching out and connecting with one another, we can work towards a more unified world.

To wrap up, I want to provide some tools and tips for dealing with the overwhelming emotions that this situation has stirred. Embrace these emotions, breathe, and connect with nature. Spend time with friends, and allow your body to process these emotions. This way, we can first regulate and stay in our body and eventually begin to heal and move towards a more humane world.


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