Zen Odyssey

Empowering Kids for “feeling good” Self-Regulation

Callista's mom, Chandra Zas, is a food&mood bodymind coach who helps grandmas, CEOs, and everyone in between improve their health.

Her presentation is made for parents on how to reverse engineer “feeling good” as a state of regulation for kids.
The mindset shifts and tools she shares are geared for your family’s wellness.

Her presentation is about an hour and she has offered to stay after for any questions or further information.

First step: Watch this video below

Second step: Use the free resources listed below the video

Third step: To work with Chandra sign up for a free consult with her using the calendar below.


Recipe Blog
Kid Snacks Amazon List
Gut Friendly Kid Medicine
Kid Gut Health PDF download
Janet Lansbury Website “No bad kids” Respectful Parenting
Other Free Downloads (including my free 14 day food reset)
Movies on this topic:
“That Sugar Film” |  “The Magic Pill”  |  “Gut” by Ask a Doc

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