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Food Re-Education and Gut Health Challenge



30 Day Food Challenge

Food Re-Education


Challenge Video Outline
Day 1: Welcome. What to Expect. Where is your Gut?
Day 3: Defining low to no processed.
Day 5: How to Shop and Cook 101
Day 7: The benefits of taking and sharing pictures.
Day 9: Mini Brain-Training. Your Thoughts Matter.
Day 11: Detox/ Release Support.
Day 13: Microbiome 101 Teaser.
Day 15: Meat and Dairy.
Day 17: Over-Eating Effects and Cause of.
Day 19: Joy, Pleasure, and Down Regulation.
Day 21: Reset / Retreat
Day 23: Social Norms and Eating Different.
Day 25: Feeing lighter?
Day 27: Organic chat. Big farm. Micro nutrients. Pesticides.
Day 29: Your Emotions Determine Your Habits.
Day 30: What is Next?
Day 30: Celebration- How to Treat YourSelf.

Day 1 Video Topics

  • Welcome to the Gut ReSet Challenge.

  • Challenge Mindset- where to focus.

  • What to expect?

  • Gut Repair Healing Times.

  • Where is your gut now?

  • Movies to inspire you and your buddy

    • Gut by Ask The Doctor on Netflix

    • The Magic Pill


Day 3 Video Topics

  • Defining no to low processed foods vs medium to high processed (aka natural vs man-made).

  • What am I personally giving up?


The Science of… videos to learn from.

Some Science on \’Processed\’:


Day 5 Video Topics



Day 7 Video Topics

  • The benefits of taking and sharing pictures

  • Awareness. Sharing. Community.

  • #GutHealthResetChallenge (tag all your pics with this hashtag so I can see, please).

  • Fog/unconscious/ reactive eating


Day 9 Video Topics



Day 11 Video Topics

  • Detox support

  • Lemon water

  • Calm magnesium (poop)

  • Water, rest, walking, sweating, sauna, hot tub, Epsom salt bath

  • Coffee enemas



Day 13 Video Topics

  • Microbiome 101.
    My motto: \”Feed and protect the friendly, Starve the bad guys.\”

  • Ferments, kombucha, pre and probiotics

  • Environmental factors like soaps and cleaning products.



Day 15 Video Topics

  • Meat and Dairy

  • Pesticides, grains, and antibiotics

  • Toxins are stored in fat (ie fat and dairy)

  • Pasteurized is processed

  • Small farm raw and organic



Day 17 Video Topics

  • Reset / Retreat/ Rest

  • New neural pathways

  • Habits

  • Reflection and Awareness

  • Connection to WANT and internal wisdom

  • Time with self and Nature Time Vs Rinse and repeat

  • A Letter From My Future Self Worksheet



Day 19 Video Topics

  • Over-eating effects and cause of.

  • Eating past 80% Full

  • Over-weight, over-hunger, over-desire

  • 3 or 6 meals a day is a brand new (marketing consumer idea)

  • Bodies evolved for feast and famine

  • Fasting gives the body time to heal

  • Normalized to use food for other than fuel, social, comfort, etc.

Social Food- Upcoming Event Plan (no exceptions) Worksheet

Over Eating Feelings Worksheet

Urge Worksheet



Day 21 Video Topics

  • Joy, pleasure, and down regulation

  • Dopamine tricks, natural pleasures, long term choices

  • Now vs Future

  • Chemically Hooked on processed foods

Well Being vs False Pleasures



Day 23 Video Topics

  • Social norms and eating different

  • My story with my family

Turning Away Food Worksheet


Day 25 Video Topics

  • Feeing lighter?

  • How are you?

  • This was my day

  • Carbs how I feel when I eat them.

  • New Baseline



Day 27 Video Topics

  • Organic Chat

  • Expensive $$$

  • Upsides and Downsides

  • Big farm. Micro nutrients. Pesticides.

  • Stealing candy from a baby… You.

  • Small Farm vs Big Farm



Day 29 Video Topics

  • Intro into Our Human Algorithm

  • Your Emotions determine Your Habits

  • Challenge = motivated, curious, interested, sick of?

  • Feel the Difference.

  • \”What I put in my mouth- to my gut- matters.\”
    – How do you Feel? Care, invested, and determined.

  • New Religion- New Belief System Worksheet



Day 30 Video Topics

  • Future Focus

  • Coaching was cheesy until I understood it is about change.

  • Develop and create the life, the self, and the health that you want through internal work, awareness, growth, and challenge.
    Beliefs Exercise- Self Coaching (beliefs about your life including health)

A Letter to My Past Self

Health Goals and Your Future



Day 31 Video Topics

  • Celebration- how to?

  • Big Self vs Little Self; now-self vs long term self

  • Well Being vs False Pleasures Remember this worksheet? Option: go back to this list and choose something for your big-self

  • My current favorites are walking with my Self in nature, a day of climbing in nature, focused connected time with my little one, hot springs, or a bath.





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