Results ARE In our Control

Results Are In our Control

First, what is a Result?

A result is anything and everything created in your life by your actions, in-actions or behaviors:

  • The state of your health is the result of your eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.

  • The state of your bank account is the result of your actions regarding money, spending, saving, working and such.

Result defined by Google:

  • Noun: a thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome.

  • Verb: occur or follow as the consequence of something.

Why Results Matter:

Have you ever wanted to achieve something like to loose weight, or be in better shape? Have you ever had a goal like buying a house, getting a certain job or finding a partner?

These are all results.

How to Create (or Change) any Result in your Life.

Many people use willpower to achieve goals. This is do-able and possible. But it takes a lot of energy and often is not very enjoyable once you get there. And it often does not last.

There is another way to achieve your goals.

It starts with your thoughts, the way you think about your goal, the way you do not think about your goal. This is what hiring a coach is most commonly known for, achieving results, attaining goals.

Not every coach works with the root cause of results, which is our thoughts. I do. It is life changing work.

Reaching a goal can be fun, exciting and energizing. If done using internal motivation instead of willpower.

Life is about the journey, not the destination, right? We all hear this, but do you know how to implement this? I do.


Big goals still require lots of work, energy, time and attention.

But what if you fueled your work with positive emotions like determination, passion, excitement and focus?

How different would your life be TODAY, right NOW?

How much more enjoyable could your odyssey to your goal be?

All of the energy we feel thoughout the day, that is what our life ‘feels’ like at the end of the day or at the end of the decade.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be consuming and using empowering and energizing feelings instead of stress, pressure or obligation.

This is your life, are you living it how you want to live it?

Results are created by your actions, in-actions and behaviors.

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