Break-Fast with Brain-Foods

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I practice and teach to break-fast with brain-foods. Because what we put in our mouth, goes into our gut, and directly affects our brain.

My three old’s teacher noticed that my LO was one of the few kids who maintained even energy and was well regulated. My LO eats brain foods for breakfast like egg soup or full fat Greek yogurt with blueberries. No grains for breakfast, especially before school.

Eating grains for breakfast is a body, brain, and belly slower-downer.

Try it. Try eating egg soup for breakfast one day, no toast but lots of fat- either olive oil, ghee, or grass fed butter. Watch and track your energy.

Then eat a grain breakfast, like oatmeal, toast, or cereal for breakfast and watch your energy crash, your belly feel heavy, and your brain lose power. It is because grains take a lot of energy to digest, the energy needed to digest them goes away from your brain and your body making you feel like you want a nap.

If you do eat grains for breakfast, then eat them with a heavy amount of fat or oil so that your glucose spike is less sharp. But still expect your brain to struggle being sharp and clear. Notice your want for a pick me up like caffeine or even sugar.

I prefer to eat foods that create the energy levels I want.

I am not opposed to grains, but I eat them in the evenings, when I plan to chill, and I am ok with my brain getting less energy.

I have been looked at many times for eating salad for breakfast<LINK, being told that Americans don’t normally eat greens for break-fast.

It is true.
Normal, in much of the western world is grains for breakfast.

If I am wanting to continue my work day after I break-fast (which is usually around noon or two in the afternoon) I will eat only egg soup<LINK. Sometimes I will eat eggs and salad.

On a special weekend we will have a grain breakfast like oatmeal or healthy pancakes or scones with heaping amounts of ghee and full fat yogurt.

A cup of cashew coffee <LINK is always a nice grain breakfast accompaniment.

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