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Why I’m Here Sharing With You..

At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disorder. I developed severe eczema, and asthma by the age of three. As a toddler, I was on a restrictive diet and dependent on medication. The Doctors told me that there was no cure for me. I would need to take medication to manage my symptoms for the rest of my life. As a teenager, I felt I had little reason to live. My experience of life was pretty miserable. I lived bloated, overweight, constipated, in pain, foggy-headed, depressed, and fatigued.

I refused to accept that this was my life and I started to question this prognosis and these medications. I remember walking out of the office and feeling 100% determined to live a life without medications. But I had no idea how I would do this. As I went to university I still suffered from depression and anxiety. For the next decade, I dove head-first into personal development, self-help, meditation, yoga, energy healing, dance, therapy, and psychotherapy. I was vegan, tried being a raw foodist, did detoxes, diets, and cleanses. I tried it all!

After graduating top of my class in graphic design, I chose not to pursue my career in a cubicle. I headed straight for yoga teacher training.
Health Coach - Chandra Zas
Health Coach

Learning To Think And Feel

I lived and worked at the Esalen Institute, home of Gestalt therapy and incubator of the Human Potential Movement, for five years. I participated in over one hundred workshops; all of which helped me get to know Myself and gave Me permission to feel my emotions. This was the first wave of relief to my depression: learning to feel.

I lived, worked, and studied at a raw food zen retreat center called BodyMind Restoration Retreats in Ithaca, NY. Beyond raw food cleansing, I learned about my mind. I learned how to watch my mind, I learned about awareness. I learned how to follow my breath. And I learned the beginnings of how to use my mind, instead of it using me.

For two years I studied and practiced Ayurveda at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol. During my studies, I became attuned to the deep wisdom of Eastern medicine. My education in Ayurveda introduced me to a new paradigm of understanding health.

Eastern medicine is the greatest example of what the west is growing to understand as holistic health or the wellness paradigm. A person is a physical, mental, and emotional being. Understanding the interplay between these parts of what being a human is, is the greatest contributor for a healthy life.

Fast Forward

I learned how to eat to heal my symptoms. I surpassed my own goal of living a high-quality life without any medications and have become a health example to everyone around me.


I recently had a blood test; the nurse told me that I have the healthy blood of a teenager. I live symptom-free, without any medications, by practicing exactly what I teach in my Food and Mood Program.


I’ve traveled the world. Started two successful businesses, and worked in many different industries. Tried all sorts of relationship structures, and explored the insights and magic of multiple different plant medicines. Married the man of my dreams, and birthed my daughter at age 37 who is the healthiest most amazing product of the work I do. I’m symptom, medication, depression, and anxiety free. I’m a published writer and most importantly I am excited to wake up every day and to live my life. I have no intestinal pain, I have a nourishing relationship with food, and my mind is clear.

Learn to use your mind, and not let it use you”

–  David, Zen Master

I used to be emotionally explosive and dramatic in relationships.

I used to unconsciously believe that I needed to be a people pleaser to be loved and accepted.

I used to live with a scarcity mindset, where nothing ever felt like enough, especially me.

I unconsciously ate all the emotions that I did not know how to feel and process properly.

I was addicted to sugar. I had an overeating problem (binging and anorexia), and I was 50 pounds overweight more than once.

Health Coach

I realized that after I had healed my Self, I was ready to contribute to the world!

I studied under and was certified by my mentor Master Coach Brooke Castillo, an educated psychologist, self-help guru. Studying with Brooke was the puzzle piece that brought my life’s experience together. I now felt equipped to help others make changes in their lives.

I used to think that life coaching was cheesy and lame… until I understood that a life coach helps people CHANGE. Now I think it is the best ‘job’ in the world.


I believe and feel in every bone of my body that coaching is what I am meant to do and I am profoundly grateful to share this revolutionary way of how to master your internal and external experience of life.

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