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Exponential Change with Coaching + Medicine Journeys

As I built my six-month coaching program, I always envisioned medicine journeys as part of the exponential change factor. Change is possible when we show up and do the inner work. AND when we use plant medicine in combination with inner work, the intellectual teaching drops into our cellular body and our being.

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My Coaching Program Details + Inspo Kid Story

Many people assume food and mood changes require willpower and deprivation; my program is based on deepening our relationship to our self and leave of presence. If you are curious about my coaching program come listen in to learn what it’s all about and how it works.

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Come Make a Salad with Me

It is over one hundred degrees and it is summer time which makes it a healthy time of year to up our salad intake. So… come make a salad with me.

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The Symptom Of Being Overweight

If you look at me now, you may not know that weight loss was a giant piece of my health puzzle. Now, with everything I know, the symptom of being overweight comes from our relationship to food.

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What Is Mental Management?

I have legitimate and visceral stress of pretty much anything that could go wrong. It pops in my mind and my stress spikes when I have an upcoming flight: making mental management crucial to lowering stress.

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