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Your Attention, Please

To live on purpose requires the ability to manage one’s mind, to harness one’s attention, and to choose what thoughts one thinks.

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Rich Water

Traveling around the world and drinking all types of water made fresh, chemical-free, and mineral-rich water a priority to our health.

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Turn off brain

How to Turn Off Our Brain

Learning how to turn our brains off, especially in our modern information world, is becoming a necessity in order to allow our bodies to rest.

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Overcoming Regret

Overcoming Regret

One of my first roadblocks (to our living in an Airstream adventure) is overcoming regret, but not for the reason you are likely guessing.

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Operation urgent

Operation Urgent

Urgency is one of my core emotions which seems like a really important emotion… until I really take a look at its effects on my life. Que: Operation Urgent.

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