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Patient Parent Mindset

All internal change starts with a NEW thought and if practiced becomes a new mindset, the same thing for a Patient Parent Mindset.

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How To Grow Up Into Emotional Adulthood

A real-life example of how to grow up into (and be in) emotional adulthood. “I’m getting kinda bored of you,” my man said to me. Instead of reacting, I took responsibility for my ‘hurt’ feelings.

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My 3 Foundational Gut Health Books

Body Ecology Diet, Nourishing Traditions, and GAPS are my 3 foundational Gut Health Books that I recommend all the time to people who have gut problems and want to improve their gut health.

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When I Talk To The Universe…

Un-attachment to the outcome plus feeling my true want is how I talk to the universe. It is an excellent aim of inner-work that leads to great things, like gut health.

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