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Inflammatory emotions

Inflammatory Emotions

The state of our emotions affects the levels of inflammation in our bodies. Stress is a problem because stress is an inflammatory emotion.

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Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is part of our bodies\’ natural healing process unless it is caused by eating inflammatory foods. Digestive issues mean inflammatory issues.

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Generational Food Problems

The answer lies in the question.. it is a generational food problem; one connected to the drastic change in man-made food that is now considered normal.

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Man made food problems

The Man-Made Food Problem

The foods, which we believe are normal to eat, are The Problem; our bodies have yet to evolve to effectively process these man-made foods.

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Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting

Hi fellow parents, let’s chat mindful parenting and how it pertains to our little ones and their developing kid brains and growing bodies.

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Doing hard things

Doing Hard Things

Doing hard things is a skill. It requires learning how to choose feelings that drive you in spite of feeling discomfort. No matter what…

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